Tired Of Traditional Transcription?

We’ve transcribed millions of transcripts/reports, so we know just how important accuracy and fast turnaround is today. That’s why our top-notch, experienced team delivers with 98%+ accuracy and transcribed content delivered to your exact needs.

No Delay

No matter the time of day, you can have files or live audio transcribed. We work 24/7 to transcribe your audio.

Sit Back & Let Us Handle the Transcription

We regularly handle some of the most specialized and complex audio files. Trust Scriptus with the following:

  • Confidential audio and/or HIPAA-Compliant
  • Rapid speech
  • Multiple speakers
  • Diverse accents
  • Industry-specific vocabulary or terminology
  • Private or public settings
  • Custom workflows
  • Specific templates or style guides you need to adhere to

We Make Sure Working With Us is Simple & Straightforward

We know getting accurate, efficient transcription can be a hassle, but it shouldn’t be. Here is our process for audio or video transcription:

  1. You record or submit your audio/video file to us.
  2. Our team of professionals transcribes the audio to text, ensuring we meet any industry standards or templates you use.
  3. We check for quality.
  4. Your transcribed content is available to you in an interactive format you can edit.
  5. Export, download, or sign off on your transcript as needed.


We Focus on the Transcription So You Can Focus Elsewhere

More than 2.7 million lines have been transcribed by Edoc Service. As a boutique agency with 20+ years of transcription experience, we know it’s the attention to detail that matters.

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