We at Edoc Service are transforming the landscape of corporate America through innovative business services and authenticity.

Transforming the landscape

  • We do not accept the status quo; we do what works
  • We believe and demonstrate innovative thinking and practice
  • Our service and processes are current and timely (“new school” vs. “old school”)
  • We share the Edoc Service culture with our clients

Corporate America

  • We believe in outsourcing not off-shoring
  • Our virtual structure allows service from anywhere to anywhere
  • We ramp up quickly

Innovative business services

  • We are a learning organization that is always improving our process for excellence
  • We are always open to new services consistent with the times and technology that fits our “hedgehog” (the core of our business, i.e. we are virtual)
  • We focus on multiple service offerings


  • We operate from defined principles
  • We accept the Ethical Business Guide
  • We operate in a team culture
  • We partner with clients and suppliers
  • The success of individual staff members is as important as client and company success
  • We staff for culture fit before skill
  • We consider all staff trustworthy and operate accordingly
  • We have identified 7 critical elements for sales and marketing and conduct ourselves accordingly

Take a look at this video which captures our purpose: